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Kaloud Samsaris – New Silicon Bowl

Kaloud has just announced their new bowl titled the “Samsaris” bowl. This unique bowl utilizes a vortex shape, made of pure silicon. The image was used from Kaloud’s website.   […]

How To Not Feel Sick Smoking Hookah

Does smoking hookah make you feel sick? Here are some reasons why that might be happening, and how you can prevent it.   Hydration Water is the miracle liquid that […]

What Makes a Good Hookah Lounge

What makes a good hookah lounge? Consider these features next time you visit a hookah lounge, and see which one is the best for you.   How they pack:  If […]

How To Choose a Hookah

  Without looking at brands (Take a look at our top 5 hookah brands list for that), there are a few selective factors you can decide on what type of […]

Is Smoking Hookah Bad For You?

There’s a lot of factors regarding Hookah and health. With the rising use of young adults and college students5 6, it’s easy to be concerned or curious. Right off the […]